29 June 2008

long nights and grilling out ( IN ! )

Our friends, Kelly and Donna - whom we met here, moved from Colorado. They miss grilling out more than we do, as neither of our apartments have balconies or other spaces to grill... The other night they invited us over for dinner - to "grill out" inside. We opened the windows and turned on the powerful exhaust fan. We only had one moment of "Was this really a good idea?" yet after our meal of tender, grilled food we knew we found a great idea. The first photo is of Dan and Kelly at the moment they said - "uh, maybe not so much lighter fluid next time..." The second photo is of the four of us before we eat.

We know we have commented before on the long nights, but we wanted to share with you the scene from our apartment a few nights ago. We took the photo around 10.30pm

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