07 June 2008

New Cuts and New Couch

Hello Hello!! Sorry that we have not posted in while - just craziness and sorting through emotions, vocation, visitors and our job situation.
Well, Spring has sprung in Latvia - and we have our new Spring hair-cuts. Courtney's was done by a professional and Dan's friend, Rihards, cut his hair in the kitchen of the church.

In other fun and exciting news - we finally found a couch for our apartment. We moved in over two months ago, yet have not had a couch for the living room. Up to this point it was okay- and the Sunday School kids who had a home-made-pizza-party

here last week enjoyed all of the space to jump, wrestle, and play. However, we realize that we could not have people sitting on the wooden floor forever. Furniture prices in Riga are absolutely ridiculous (even the uncomfortable and ugly ones start out around $800). Even though we knew we needed one, we didn't want to spend a lot of money on something we wouldn't enjoy - and couldn't justify spending $2000 on a comfortable one... Sooo, we had some friends show us a used/defect furniture store a while ago. Well, after 5 trips to the store, we found one that had a 'defect' (read: minor tear in one cushion) and that reduced the price by about 75% of what it would cost in the retail store. A real blessing, especially now that the summer is beginning and we will have people sleeping on the couch.
Again, sorry that we haven't updated this in a while. We have a full summer ahead and we will try to post a few times a month.
That's all the rambling for this go around.


  1. It looks great!!!! so much better than zebra stripes.

  2. pretty sweet couch...perfect for football!