27 April 2008

Going on Holiday!!! WooHoo!!!!!!!!

Can you tell we are excited? We leave in less than 10 hours for vacation. We fly to Paris via Hamburg - excited to return to see some familiar places and old friends - and then we meet Dan's parents in Germany for a few days before we return to Latvia on the 7th of May.
We will then spend a few days with Dan's parents in Latvia.
We have waited for this break and time away, and to be completely honest, some times we didn't think it would ever arrive.
Don't know how much blogging we'll do in the next two weeks, yet we will try to write when we return (That is if we finally get the internet in the apartment...)

13 April 2008

Latvia's J.J. Reddick

So I (Dan) went to a Baltic Basketball League playoff game on Friday night with some guys I have met here. One of Riga's three teams - "ASK" - played a team from Estonia.
This Latvian player named Sandis Valters drained 8 three-pointers in the game. It reminded me of watching an on-fire J.J. Reddick play in Cameron at DUKE. Nice and Smooth shot - either open or double-teamed - basically at-will shooting. It was awesome. The team as a whole hit 12 or 13 three-pointers that night.
Well, that's about it for now. : )


WooHoo!! With an unexpected phone call on Thursday we changed our plans and went down to the Office for Migration Affairs, and they gave us our residence permits valid for one year - no hassle, no huff - just "Sign these papers" and "Here you go."
So this past week has seen some nice up-turns - a new apartment, our resident visas... We give thanks to God!!

09 April 2008

We've MOVED!!

Hello - unexpectedly (in a GOOD way) we moved this past week. We had considered moving into an apartment with an extra room to use partly as an office and so guests will have a more personal space to stay when they come. So, two weeks ago I fiddled around on the internet looking at different offerings in Riga - we went to look at one last Monday, signed the Lease on Friday, and moved (for the most part) on Sunday and Monday. (THANK YOU to the Hargans for the use of their vehicle and to Rihards, Joe, and Nick for their braun moving items to the 4th floor!)
We still have to get some things sorted and settled, yet we have enjoyed the new space and the higher floor.
Our new address is:
Gertrudes iela 69/71 - dz.63
Riga, LV - 1011
We will try to post pictures later.