18 July 2009


not quite sure how to start this one... This summer I am experiencing that process of being broken - and I hope it is for the process of rebuilding and renewal... I hope. It's is never fun, but in God's way and time it is always good. Part of it comes from being apart from my wife and daughter; part of it comes from not be able to communicate fully and the ensuing misunderstandings; part of it comes from trying to forge a new way and meeting resistance because it is not the old way; and part of it comes because I still have much learning and growing to do... I am trying to learn, yet I think I may only do so in retrospect - which makes the present breaking down super hard.
"But I know that my redeemer lives..." I will not be abandoned. I will not be left in pieces. In that truth of God's faithfulness I can hope.

4 weekCeara update

Ceara was born 4 weeks ago. At her doctor visit yesterday she weighed in at almost 9 lbs! She is getting big and yet I have only had the chance to see her and Courtney for 5 days... I miss them. Court said that all things with the baby are going well - she eats, sleeps, and fills her diaper the way a healthy newborn should. Woohoo! Court's parents were here for the first week of Ceara's life, and my mom came out to help Court with the past two weeks. Even though I only got to see her for a day, we are soooo glad that she could come on a last minute notice to play Nonna (Italian for grandma) and to help Court.
Please pray for us as we still have quite a few days apart before we can spend time together.