13 July 2008

A Few Notes from Camp

I wrote this a few nights ago from Camp Wesley...
Camp Wesley has provided some refreshment for us. We sleep less, get up earlier and go to bed later, yet we have felt restored in our time here. (While I am writing this at Camp Wesley, it will not get posted until I return to Riga.)
We have enjoyed the sea and the fresh air and sitting by the camp fire at night. Last week we had an evening service on the beach and many of the people present stayed after the service to watch the sunset on the water - around 11pm.
Mosquitoes the size of teradactyls have bitten me (Dan) through my clothes, yet they have not been as numerous as we had expected - so that's a plus.
I am writing this entry as I sit by the campfire (although I will not be able to post it until I return to Riga), and I am enjoying the afternoon breeze and watching the flames lap over the wood from the trees we trimmed today.
I took a walk to the beach in the evening. I enjoyed looking at the various shapes, sizes and colors of stones on the beach. I skipped stones into the waves. I enjoyed another sunset on the beach...

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