17 June 2008

Getting Ready for the Summer Schedule

We transition into our summer schedules this week. However, don't let the term 'schedule' fool you into thinking that we have a specific plan and schedule ; ) For the next 6 weeks or so we will be traveling back and forth between Riga and Liepaja (about 3 hours to the west). While in Liepaja we will live at Camp Wesley, participating in the various activities, week-long camps, and trainings that will occur. Some of these we are leading from the front, some we are supporting, and some we are observing.

Many people from outside of Latvia will also participate in the various camps and programs with the UMC in Latvia this summer, and we are excited to meet new people and build new relationships. Here are just a few to note:

This next weekend (26th-29th June) the two of us have prepared a mini-seminar for the youth leaders who will do a good deal of the work this summer. We have discovered that many are encouraged to initiate programs, very little training has been given in the 'how' behind and the 'why' underneath the programs. We want to focus on the importance of 're-charging' and 'self-care' in the midst of serving.

The first week of July sees the beginning of Wesley Days, which is an international camp with the focus of fellowship and working on advancing the work, remodel, and repairs necessary to continue to convert the old, dilapidated farm into a fully functioning camp.

The middle of July welcomes a young adult camp with people attending from Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, and Latvia - the purpose of this camp is to deepen connections with Christians in other countries while serving the camp in any needed way.

Courtney has done some awesome preparation for the Children's Camp that will happen the final week of July, and we are excited to see how that plays out with the 80+ children who will attend.

Well, we just wanted to provide a glimpse and an update.

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