10 June 2008

"Those are our rules..."

We had brought a package to the post office and asked to mail it to our friend in Germany - without asking us about the contents of the box or for a filled-out customs form, the young post-lady said, "I need to open this package before you can send it."
I replied, "You do not need to open it before I send it."
"I'm sorry, but those are our rules," the young post-lady said to us as she sat behind the counter.
"Don't I first need to fill out a customs form and you need to ask what's in the box?" I asked.
The older post-lady working at the next counter tried to help. "Excuse me, what are you mailing?"
I replied, "A wooden rolling pin from a craft maker."
Turning to the younger lady she said there was no need to open the box and then added, "Why didn't you have them fill out the form first? What did you think was in there?"
"Narcotics..." was the shy response.
At this point Courtney and I started laughing - is this lady serious? Yet the postal-ladies' conversation continued..."Why did you think it was narcotics?"
"Well, look at the box and feel how light it is..." the younger one replied.
"and your point is?" her colleague asked.
"...I mean why would someone mail a wooden rolling pin to Germany?" the younger one finished.

Thinking is okay, and using one's mind is a great thing to do - however, C'mon...

Well, just wanted to share this silly encounter with you.

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  1. You didn't tell the first part of the story: in which I tried to carry the rolling pin onto the plane, and they thought it could be a weapon, used to club someone... then i had to hand it over for you guys to mail! It did arrive and is wonderful. I appreciate all your effort!