12 February 2008

SUVs vs. SmartCars, Scooters & Cyclists

The other day while I walked down a busy side-walk, a cyclist passed me going in the other direction. I did a double-take primarily because the cyclist was walking his bicycle. At this point a lightbulb turned on in my head and I had a new observation regarding the difference between Riga and other European cities.
In some of the major European cities bicycles and/or motor-scooters serve as a major form of transportation for many people. SUVs are also a rare sight in these cities, while SmartCars (a sardine can on wheels, basically), and other smaller cars are the norm. To date, I have only seen one SmartCar in Latvia, yet at least a third of the vehicles I see are SUVs (American size).
Well, that's just a little observation from over here.

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