01 February 2008

'Les Mis' is in Latvia

We saw advertisements for 'Les Mis' on our way to language class last week. On the way home from class we stopped by the opera house to buy tickets for Court's birthday. We decided to take the bus as public transportation is usually reliable. We didn't want to rush so we decided to take an early bus - only it never came. So after waiting for 45-minutes the proper bus came and we were on our way. Then our bus got stuck in traffic. We thought that we would miss the first half because if we got there late we wouldn't be allowed in to the show. Even though bus stop was 3/4 mile from the hall, we actually laughed as we jogged in mist. We arrived, checked our coats, and ran to the entrance hoping the usher would allow us to pass (it was 7.39pm and the showtime was 7.30pm). We walked into what turned out to be an arena and the usher said since they weren't sold out that we could sit anywhere we wanted. We slid into our bleacher seats just as the curtain opened. The entire musical was translated into Latvian - and we even followed some it! The Set: fantastic. The Costumes: brilliant. The Voices: brilliantly fantastic. We enjoyed our night out.

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