05 February 2008

a little superbowl goes a long way...

Well, I (Dan) did it - I stayed up until 5am Monday morning watching Superbowl XLII. Earlier in the week I was 50/50 about whether or not to watch it. On Sunday afternoon I decided I would find a way to watch it. When I'm in the US, I will watch it, yet I'm more excited to hang out with friends.

During halftime I reflected upon other times when I have been abroad during Superbowl ('98 - Belfast; '04 - Germany; '06 - Paris). I realized that one reason I really wanted to watch it is that I find it helps me connect with some things that are familiar - things that I usually find fulfilled in other ways when I'm in the US. (Wow, it's already 10 years ago that I sat with friends in Belfast and watched the Broncos beat the Packers.)

So, a little Superbowl this past Monday morning went a long way to help my heart and mind during this time of transition.

I hope these thoughts make sense - I am still feeling the sleep deprivation from the other night, so I'm off to bed.

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