20 February 2008

Looking Back...

(I started writing this on the 20th of February, because six years ago on that day I (Dan) started on a wonderfully exciting journey.) I left Colorado to work in Northern Afghanistan for about three months and then went on to return to Kosovo (I spent time there in 1999 and 2000) to work for another three months before I returned to the US to begin working on an M.Div. at Duke. In between these two places I visited some friends in Kazakhstan for about a week.

This morning I sat with a cup of tea remembering some of the amazing moments of God's provision and guidance during those six months. In doing so I had to ask myself, "Where is my reliance on God now? Do I still trust as intensely as I did then? Do I try to control circumstances more now?" I asked more questions, too. ... (I didn't know where this thought would end up, yet it just ended.)

Those six months held exciting times, difficult times, dangerous times, lonely times, uplifting times, searching and questioning times, times of community and friendship and sharing... Looking back now I can see that in all of those times God was present - I may not have always 'felt' it or 'seen' it, yet at other times God's presence was obvious and tangible.

This is a good reminder in this season of Court's and my life in Latvia - God is always present. It's the hope we hold onto when God seems anything but present, involved, loving, etc... The sky may be grey, yet that doesn't mean that the sun has stopped shining. The sun is always shining - we have to believe that even when circumstances seem other than that.

Even though it is an overcast day as I write, I don't feel my heart is overcast - and that is a good thing, a marvelous thing, a freeing feeling.

May you know hope and joy amidst whatever circumstances are out your window and in your heart.

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  1. Dan and Courtney -

    First...CONGRATULATIONS on passing the Board of Ordained Ministry examinations!!!! I am delighted for you! Doesn't it feel great that's it's done? What conference was it again?

    The sheer relief of that day being over for me last year is what stays with me - that and the knowledge that I don't have to go through it again for three years.

    I try to check your blog now and again. Thanks for keeping those of us in ministry in the US up to date on the UMC connection across the globe.

    Peace and love,