28 November 2007

"Won't My Mommy Be So Proud of Me..." or "Our Thanksgiving in Latvia"

A week after Thanksgiving and we are still enjoying the turkey from last Thursday in the form of SOUP! Our mothers and grandmothers would truly be proud of our ability to make soup from the remains of the turkey. We did, however, give the soup a Latvian twist by adding sauerkraut - Hey, don't knock it until you have tried it!
Our Thanksgiving Day in Latvia consisted of us attending language class in the morning, cooking like banshees with the office staff in the afternoon (see photos), Courtney preaching and leading worship in the evening, and eventually (around 8pm) eating turkey & gravy, potatoes, cranberry sauce, and a variety of Latvian interpretations of "An American Thanksgiving Side-dish." While we enjoyed the cooking and serving of the food, the day itself did not feel very 'restful.' The following day the district office of the church hosted a pastors' meeting, which began with all the warmed-up leftovers. This day had a much slower pace and the meal itself was more relaxed for us - this helped to stoke the ember of Thanksgiving feeling. In these photos, you can see that the pastors and office staff enjoyed the turkey - for some, this was their first time ever eating turkey!
On Saturday, we celebrated a day of rest. We enjoyed more leftovers and unpacked two footlockers we shipped from the US. Shelving books and putting away kitchen utensils while still in our pajamas helped us to feel a bit more settled in this place. One of these photos shows some of the books and kitchen utensils we shipped from the US (notice the pasta machine!!). The other photo shows our smiles after successfully unpacking the trunks.

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