27 November 2007

Where Did All The Music Go?

Well, you may or may not spend hours a day wondering what happened to the One-Hit Wonder Music from the '90's. Or maybe you wish you could listen to the cheesy (and downright weird!) love ballads of the '80's. Wait no more! Come to Eastern Europe! Over the past few days whilst running daily errands (A brief side-note: we cycle through the 7 items in our fridge frequently, requiring multiple trips to the grocery store each week - which we see as a good thing because it offers a a chance to practice our language...) we heard Vanilla Ice, Ace of Base, Spin Doctors, and some, well, let's just say if people really grasped the meaning behind some of the lyrics, then they probably wouldn't broadcast it at overly high decibel level for the entire store to hear.
Yet we will admit that some music caused our feet to tap and smiles to spread across our faces :)
On a more serious note, Latvians, on the whole, love to sing. Instead of protesting by abandoning work or lighting things on fire, they gather choirs from around the country, set up a stage in Riga, and sing for hours. This upcoming summer Latvia will have their National Song Festival with an expected attendance of more than 100,000 people (36,000 of those will be members of various choirs).
Well, that's all on this cool (33 degrees F) evening.

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