04 November 2007

We've arrived!

So, our first official post to this blog - what to say? Well, We Have Arrived in Latvia. We landed in Riga a week ago Friday. Three of the people we will work with (Gita, the District Superintendent (not pictured); Kristine, the Admin. Assistant; and Inga, the finance person) greeted us at the airport in a traditional Latvian way - FLOWERS! The Latvians love their flowers! You can see flower stalls everywhere and all the time - below is a photo of some vendors in the snow.
Last Monday we purchased furniture for our apartment - and then we spent the next two days assembling some bookshelves, a bed, a wardrobe, a mini-dresser, and a table - it is nice not to live out of our suitcases.
What's the weather like? We experienced our first snow yesterday. The weather has not yet been as cold as we thought - in the 30's and 40's, yet today I (Dan) have officially felt the cold to the core most of the day. We are soooo glad that we have electricity to run the radiators that our landlord provided for us.

We thank God for the opportunity to live here for a bit.

Well, that's it for now - we wanted to start with a brief post. We look forward to sharing thoughts and experiences in days and weeks to come. PEACE ~ Dan and Court

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  1. Reflections read at Midnight. Keep writing........we will keep praying. Your wedding pix and smiling faces brighten each day.
    Bill and Mary