17 November 2007

Conceptions of Time

Time has a weird way of lingering and rushing at the same time.
Weeks and Months...
We sat in our living room tonight reminiscing that only two months ago we shared a meal with family in Boston before we went to training with the General Board of Global Ministry in New York. We had a fantastic time meeting 14 new people (pictured here) who became dear friends over three weeks (which seemed like months - in a good way). Only a month has passed since GBGM commissioned us - that seems like a year ago... We only arrived in Riga three weeks ago, and we have had no concept of time since arriving. While the actual arrival doesn't seem that long ago, the first few days here could have happened last winter...
Some days blur together, and before we know it the week ends. Other times, a day seems to last for 48 hours and we feel as though we actually accomplish a couple of things.
We think that part of this has to do with a whacky work schedule while another part is effected by our northern latitude. In winter, Riga starts to get dark around 4.30pm, and by 6pm it can start to feel like 10pm or 11pm. So as far as hours in a day goes, our internal clocks have yet to adjust.
Even so, the reality as we write is that it is getting later and we need to get up early - so no matter how we feel, we should head off to bed.
PEACE to you - in whatever space of time you currently feel like you live ~ Court and Dan

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  1. I was excited to find your blog site address in the December Franciscan. I look forward to reading about your adventures. Sending prayers, love, and some virtual Thanksgiving food!

    Kristen (Amy) Maier