23 November 2008

We're Back - and in a blizzard, sort of

Well - we returned to Latvia last week and finally returned to blogging today. Yesterday and today has given us the weather we expected when we arrived last year - snow and wind and cold. We are thankful that we live in a apartment with HEAT. woohoo! A friend told us that the news said that the real bulk of the storm will arrive on Monday and Tuesday. So for people in the Carolinas, Tennessee, and thereabouts, this is a blizzard. For those from New England and the Rocky Mountain region, this is just one of those winter storms when your glad for hot chocolate (Thanks, Grammy!!) and hope the electricity doesn't go out.

We had a very full time in the states - a lot of driving, a bit of flying, and plenty of good food with friends and family. We visited various camps and met with their directors, which proved quite enlightening and encouraging for some of our work in Latvia. We enjoyed eating ice cream with our niece, Aria, and nephew, William, in Georgia, and we had a blast carving pumpkins and making chocolate chip cookies with our niece, Emily, and her new baby sister, Brooke, in Portland.

Well, the small, latchless window in the kitchen just blew open, so I'm off to keep the snow out of the apartment.

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