27 November 2008

Thanksgiving in Riga

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving in Latvia today. Some of our American friends in ministry here in Riga came over joining three folks who flew in from Alabama today (they came to do a training in Lithuania). We had mashed potatoes, cranberry-apple sauce, salad with craisins and mandarins, stuffing with fennel, bread, scalloped potatoes, honey-glazed carrots, green-bean casserole, and...Chicken. Yep, turkey was way too expensive, so we decided on two small birds and stuffed them and rubbed them in honey from a local farm.


  1. Just got home after sprinting through the airports at Riga and Deusseldorff, and then being delayed a couple hours at Atlanta. I enjoyed my time with you more than I can say. Your hospitality was truly extravagant. Looking forward to more visits in the future.

  2. I wouldn't mind spending another Thanksgiving in Latvia sometime. And if that sounds like I'm hinting for an invite, well...

    ...let's just say I'm always open to new traditions.

    Thanks, Dan and Courtney. Love you madly.