08 September 2008

Change - Change of Seasons - Change of Roles

We have come back to blogger-land...sorry for the absence.
This blog is about change - the first two sections are kind of silly, the third has more substance.
Latvia uses the Lat as its currency, and each Lat has 100 santimi. (oh - at the beginning of the summer, $1 was worth 0.42 Lats, or 42 santimi...I think today it is around $1=48 santimi.)
What can spare change buy in Lativa?
10 santimi (about 20 to 25 cents) = one large plastic bag to bag groceries at the store
20 santimi = 1 hour of parking in Liepaja, but only 6 minutes of parking in Riga.
20 santimi = the price to use public restrooms in both Riga and Liepaja
35 santimi = one ride on the tram in Liepaja
40 santimi = one ride on public transport in Riga
50 santimi = coffee from automatic machine in bus terminal

Change of Seasons:
The weather is cooling down and more rain has fallen recently. Also, the sun now sets outside our window around 7.45pm. Leaves are starting to turn color and fall from trees. Stores are closing out their summer wear and full-length coats are beginning to appear on manequines around town.

Change of Roles:
As of our annual conference two weeks ago, our jobs have changed slightly. Courtney will remain the director of youth ministry and director of Sunday School and Curriculum for the country. Dan will continue to work with continuing education for clergy and laity.
Our new roles: Courtney will serve as the program director for Camp Wesley and Dan will serve as the camp director. We are excited to serve in these vital roles to continue the wonderful work already begun at Camp Wesley. (we will write more about the camp itself in a later blog.) These new roles do entail an eventual move to the camp, which is located in Liepaja. Until that happens, though, we will split our time between Riga and Camp Wesley. (the photo shows us standing in front of the main gathering/dining facility at camp.)

That's all for now.


  1. I KNOW that the Randalls' will do an outstanding job in their new roles at Wesley Camp. I pray for God's blessings on them.

    Bud Vann

  2. YYYYAAAAYYYYY!!!! A new visit must be planned so I can see Camp Wesley. Thinking of you both a lot lately and sending you good wishes.