29 September 2008

Apple Festival and an end to the camping season

This past weekend we had an Apple Festival at Camp Wesley in Liepaja (on the coast next to the Baltic Sea). About 50 people from 8 of the 13 congregations participated. Camp Wesley has about an acre of orchard containing many apple trees (of 4 or 5 different varieties - I need to learn the specifics!) a few pear trees, and a couple of plum trees. The camp also has quite a few cherry trees along with an assortment of various fruit bushes.

People gathered together to pick, peel and preserve apples. Some people stirred the two big, black kettles bubbling over the camp fire, while others made two giant cakes in the kitchen. Some people canned the jam and preserves in jars they had brought from home, and Everyone tasted the progress along the way.

We also tried to do some work at winterizing the camp ... as we drove away yesterday we reminisced about the past 3 months of activity at the camp... The unknowns and anticipations before hand - the many different groups and people we had the opportunity of meeting - Wow - only three months ago... (obviously I am currently struggling with words - hopefully I will be able to articulate something later.)

We will try to post some photos when Courtney returns from Switzerland this weekend (she brought the camera with her).

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