19 March 2008

Was that in Latvian?

Kind of indicative of my (Dan's) day and week so far - I heard this phrase in Latvian language class today. I had asked, in Latvian, what a certain word meant that I had heard many people use. The teacher looked a be in a befuddled manner and replied, "Is that Latvian?" I said, "Yes." She said, "I mean is that a Latvian word your saying?" Again, I said, "Yes." After two more attempts at the word she said, "Oh, do you mean...?" (which was only a fraction of a sound off of what I had said). I said, "Yes..."
So that was my little joke that helped me laugh through the day and all that is has been... Even when we try our best or even do our best, people are going to look befuddled - and make us wonder "What am I doing? Should I even be here? Maybe I should just do something else....

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