23 March 2008

Happy Easter - Priecigus Lieldienas

Priecigus Lieldienas! Happy Easter! This morning a group of twenty youth and adults from Fairview UMC in Tennessee and the youth from Riga’s two Methodist Churches boarded a bus for Jurmula. We traveled out to the coast of the Baltic Sea for a sunrise service on the beach. When we arrived in Jurmula there was a light dusting of snow. However I (Court) was completely amazed and surprised to see the whole beach covered in snow. Although it makes sense if it is snowing on the road than it would also be snow on the beach – but somehow the presence of snow just brought more attention to God’s glory. The group huddled together in a circle surrounding the cross made from beach candles for a Service of Light. As we sang, prayed, and read scripture – I noticed a great peace and warmth on this Easter Sunday. The restoration brought by the empty tomb became real and tangible to me there on the beach standing in the snow. We talked about the light of Christ – how we receive it and are told to share it with one another. Through out this week I have been strengthened by the witness of the youth - both American and Latvian. They are Christ’s light in the world.

May the joy, hope and peace of Jesus’ resurrection be tangible in your life today.

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