11 July 2011

Traveling is a Good Excuse

It's been ages since I have written a blog or a journal entry or really anything for that matter.
I have told myself it is because of the amount of traveling I've been doing recently - the driving, the inconsistent schedules, helping the kids adjust to new surroundings, etc. I guess that is just as good as an excuse as others. When I'm not traveling I have used tooth pain and a root canal or early mornings with the kids to justify not writing.

I don't lack inspiration - I have had many a sleepless night with ideas for blogs, or funny storied of the kids, and I have seen amazing sunsets and other beauty in creation about which I couldn't wait to write. Yet when I finally pick up a pen or get to a computer the thoughts which seemed so clear earlier turn out to be a mirage - a vapor, a shimmering mist, nothing tangible to grasp.

Ceara turned two in June, and Caleb will turn one in a few weeks. (see picts below). Courtney was ordained in Raleigh, and unfortunately I didn't get any photographs of the event. I hear that summer is Maine is nice, but I won't be there much this summer to experience it. Hopefully in all of the traveling I will find a way to write again.

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