09 February 2010

Waiting...Going...and Growing...

Waiting...Going...and Growing... What on earth does that mean?

We continue to wait...currently for a debriefing retreat to open up that we can attend in order to reflect and process transitioning. While waiting we have been involved with one of our supporting congregations in Charlotte...

...which leads to the going... On Friday the 12th, Lord willing, Dan will leave Charlotte on his way to Haiti for 12 days. The first few days he will spend with a group from Providence United Methodist Church in northern Haiti where they have worked for 30 years. Then he will spend about a week with Corrigan Clay, a good friend from college, in Port-au-Prince (you can read about Corrigan's work at www.apparentproject.org)...

...which leads to the growing... yes, we are growing in patience as we wait. Yes, Ceara is growing - she almost crawled today! Also, the reason that only Dan will go to Haiti and Courtney will remain in Charlotte is that our family is growing!

Yep, Ceara will be a big sister in July. At first we thought Courtney had the flu or a cold or something else... instead, We thank God for this big surprise for us!

Sorry this is so brief, yet we wanted to throw out a quick update to everyone.

Please pray for us in these times of transition and expectancy.

Thank you.

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