27 November 2009

Snow Day, Tropical Storm, T-Day, and Rolling Over

Ceara has experienced many firsts these past 6 weeks.
She went to America for the first time.
She met her cousins, aunts, and uncles for the first time, along with her two great-grandmothers and her one great-grandfather. AWESOME!
She attended her first wedding.
She experienced her first snow storm (in Colorado) in which nearly all schools closed for the day. The snow was taller than she was!
She went out in rain resulting from a tropical storm (or did it become a hurricane??) in NC.
She enjoyed her first Thanksgiving - she even ate an extra bottle!
And today, Ceara rolled over unassisted for the first time, and second, and third, and fourth...well, now whenever we lay her down on her back she turns to her tummy. She's smiling at me right now as I right this.
Ceara lit up many faces and delighted crowds.

We felt truly blessed by our time in the US with friends, families, and colleagues supporting and encouraging us.

We thank God for the prayers and support of so many. We thank God for this wonderful blessing of a baby girl.

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