23 June 2009

pictures and pronounciations

Hi All, we have had a few requests on pronounciation. first, you say the word 'year' and then put an 'a' on the end and say it again - 'yeara'. Okay, now just add a 'k' sound in front (don't say the letter 'k', rather just make the sound that 'k' makes like when you say the word 'kiss'). put all of that together and you get 'kyeara' - two syallables. hope that makes sense.

now on to the photos. I think that if you click on them that they will open up bigger.


  1. Has a child ever looked so much like her dad at such a young age?

    She is beautiful!

  2. a common spelling I see is "Kira"... is that the right pronounciation? does her name have history to you?

  3. sweet baby.... i can't wait to meet her.


    She is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!!

    God Bless Her & your Family...

    In Christ-

    David Crowder

  5. Congratulations to the new parents! Thank you for posting these sweet pictures of your daughter Ceara. Wishing you much happiness, and sleep-filled nights (at least a few!) on the beginning of this great adventure.

    Peace & grace,

  6. She is beautiful! Could we include a picture of her in the next Wesley Word to share with everyone? Let us know - and congrats!!!