14 January 2009

Riots, Haircuts, and an Anniversary

In case some of you saw the news yesterday/today and decided to check our blog, we wanted to let you know that we didn't participate in the "Riot" last night - we didn't even go downtown to the gathering. Click on BBC to read their story if you didn't see the news. While the riot did not affect us, the issue has relevance to some of our work as many people are effected by the economic situation of government spending, higher taxes, and higher inflation.
In the past two days, both Courtney and I received professional haircuts - woohoo! While I appreciated the last two cuts my friend, Rihards, did with clippers, it was nice to have a professional touch - in fact, it has been one of the best haircut experiences I can remember. Why? I don't know exactly, except that I left the place lighter and full of joy. Court's hair looks awesome - just off her shoulders, layered, some bangs... maybe if she lets me take a picture I can post it here.
On Monday, the 12th, we celebrated our 29th month anniversary. That's right, every month on or around the 12th we try to do a mini-celebration. It started out involving pizza and it has evolved into Italian food (half of the time we make it and half of the time we go find a place). And on Monday night we stumbled upon a new (to us) Italian restaurant in Riga. (Now we have TWO authentic and one chain place we can go!)
Oh, and by the way, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

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